What We Do

Beach Management Holdings is a leader within the state of Florida’s many association and property management companies. We can handle all of your needs from setting up (and attending) your annual and board of director meetings, to handling contract negotiations with your vendors, the supervision of cleaning and maintenance staff, daily property inspections, etc. Our results speak for themselves!

Please look at how we specifically manage each of these operations:

Association Management – At the heart of what BMH does best.
We listen to your specific needs through a simple, yet very interactive process in order to determine your association’s/property management objectives. We then offer an effective, personal, yet very comprehensive plan to address your objectives.

Property Management – Your property is a very important investment. As such, BMH takes particular care to maintain and increase the value of your investment whenever possible.

By conducting on-going and targeted inspections, we identify areas of need, prioritizing those items into CRITICAL (Complete within 14 days), NEED (Complete within 30-60 Days), or PROJECT (Based on Board of Director/Owner Funding). We also take your feedback to refine the plan, and to insure it meets with YOUR approval. We then work with the best providers available to address any maintenance or repair needs.

Contract Negotiation – We take the tedious process of contract language and negotiations and make it much simpler and easier by working with the vendor(s) involved and partnering with them on your behalf in order to provide you with the best possible offer. Each of our associates is experienced in dealing with vendor contracts and we can also assist in locating additional legal resources if needed.

Strategic Partnerships – Throughout the time BMH associates have been working, they have forged lasting and beneficial relationships with landscape companies, fire protection system providers, pest control and elevator contractors, etc. Let us help you by utilizing these relationships for your next meeting.

The Follow-Through – Beach Management Holdings stands behind what we do. We are on-site, directly responsible to our clients, and available when needed. We continue to work after resolving your issues, by creating and implementing action plans to prevent occurrences from happening again. We work for you!

Beach Management Holdings is your best choice for association and property management. Why? Well, in addition to the many years of experience and expertise in our industry, we provide the personalized service and professionalism of being among the recognized industry leaders.